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The alpha and omega to your problems!!!



So i've perused the blogs, websites, health books, etc and came up with these conclusions:

1. if you are too lazy to change your overall lifestyle, like me sometimes :naughty: (diet, exercise, postive thinking, etc) go for supplements

2. What supplements:

Vitamin A: cell turnover, exfoliant, healing, oil control

Vitamin C: elasticity, cell protector, fights/reverses damage

Vitamin B: oil control, mood, overall health

Vitamin E: healing, moisture

Zinc: immune, healing

these vitamins have many more benefits for your overall health such as anti-aging, heart health, brain functioning, etc...so taking them will not only help your acne but will help your overall health

3 Take them in moderation. use the recommended dose and wait...yes wait even if it takes months, overdosing :D can be toxic and you may clear but you also risk really bad breakouts and othe health issues...(think accutane and extreme dose of vitamin a!!) Be patient, in the long run, it will improve your skin better than anything else and have long term results if you maintain it.

4. Dont forget water. drink liters to gallons a day. just gulp that sucker throughout the day...benefits the most!!

5. No matter what the cause of your acne, taking care of your body is the ultimate treatment that will cure any type of acne...Love your body dont abuse it

Good luck... :wacko:


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