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Day 4 Claravis



So here it is day 4... my Clean and clear cleanser started to tingle/burn more than normal this morning.. I went and bought some purpose cleanser & moisturizer.. it says soap and oil-free...won't clog your pores..we'll see I guess :wacko:) This IB stuff is the pits.. I keep getting them on my nose, which, since I've started taking the meds, has looked like an oil slick..eww...seriously, it's 103 outside and if I stood out there long enough I could probably fry an egg on my face..ugh..hopefully it will get better :naughty:) I am optimistic.. I started feeling a little down today but I don't know if it's the argument between me and my mom or depression knocking on the door.. I have battled depression before..but I think a good bit of it comes from my insecurities due to acne and my weight..I'm not super heavy but I could stand to lose about 30lbs too :D) oh well, I guess we will see.. I know it's risky with depression to take the gamble with an accutane drug , but i feel that the benefits will out weigh the bad..after all I think I can cry for 6 months to get clear skin.. Has anyone here had luck with claravis clearing up comedones/blackheads??.. I have them all over my nose and have since I was a preteen..just wondering if those will go away too :() my derm only mentioned that my cystic "backne" should go away.. Lips are starting to chap a little..not sure if its due to all this heat and no rain or the meds.. but I have EOS,Neosporin lip,and eucerin aquaphor all handy.. I read others blogs and tried to get what you guys were recommending before I needed it. As always, Take it easy...and try to stay cool!!!

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I know what you mean about the clean and clear burning. I used to put the clean and clear morning burst moisturiser on my face after I washed it and it stung like wow. Yes the blackheads will clear up. I've only got a couple on my nose now :clap: My backne is clearing up as well...there's only a few tiny bumps here and there.Good luck on your journey

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