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Accutane Day 25



Pill #25 tonight.

Argh - so still really nothing new to report. I continue to break out on my cheeks and along my jaw line - and even a little on my forehead. I don't really see the blackheads in my T-zone disappearing - and the little tiny white bumps around my lower face are still there. Face still remains shine free though and I've had no breakouts in the T-zone.

I have slightly adjusted my daily routine for my skin because my skin was starting to dry and peel around my nose. I am now washing my face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser morning and evening, and applying Cetaphil moisturizer morning and evening. I am also now using aquaphor in place of vaseline - not that there was anything wrong with vaseline but it's annoying to carry around. So far, the moisturizer is working well because I don't have any bad peeling anymore around my nose.

In general, dry skin and dry lips remain manageable, body aches and flaky scalp are still no longer a problem. I'm worried though that my body is adapting to Accutane so well that it isn't being as effective as initially. I'm not seeing as much change from day to day as I did in the first weeks - and my face looks disgusting. Still can't go anywhere without full makeup.

Still haven't had my period (and no, there's no possibility that I'm pregnant...believe me). Is accutane known for messing with this? I'm usually pretty regular unless I'm stressed, which I haven't really been lately, so it must be the Accutane.


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