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Day 39



I couldn't sleep so i decided to do a new entry. Well bad news is that I forgot to go get a refill on accutane today since I took the last pill last night. So no accutane for 3 days because the stupid pharmaceutical company doesn't open on Saturdays. *sighs*

I've been getting alot of these tiny, stubborn little zits. You can barely see them so I'm not complaining because hey that's better than those big read cysts that leave you with a lovely red mark. When I wash my face I feel a couple of those under the skin bumps. Hopefully those won't turn into huge cysts if I get bumped up to 40mg.

By any chance can someone tell me what's the maximum dosage for someone weighing 100 - 105 lbs?

I've begun to notice my scars more and more and some I'm not to sure was there before accutane because they look kind of fresh. :wacko: The only thing that bothers besides those scars are the stubborn red marks.

There are some things that I regret doing and not doing in the past few years about my acne. These are:

- Not drinking enough water and not eating properly

- Using scrubs to wash my face instead of gentle cleansers. Hey what does a teeny bopper know about caring for acne? My mum never really told me what not to do. But somehow there was a sense of satisfaction when you saw those pimple burst. I never knew that they would leave scars :naughty:

- Not being able to have access to a computer to do some research about properly caring for acne prone skin

- Deciding to pick those stubborn pimple at the end of my eyebrow. Now I see the scars. Blehh

- Forgetting to moisturise at times and not moisturising at all

There are more but can't seem to think of any right now.


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