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Acne is caused by many different things. We should not try to blame one thing because thats just not how the individual body works. We are all different, therefore not everyone will experience the same problems. A bone can be broken by many different means, but the presentation is still the same...This is important because the root of our problems will determine the best treatment. If someone is breaking out because they ate oranges that is completely different from breaking out because of a hormone imbalance and requires a different intervention.

Often times in our desperation for clear skin we seek out any and every intervention that anyone says helps and BOOM, our acne gets worse, why? BECAUSE OUR PROBLEM WAS NOT THE SAME AND REQUIRES A DIFFERENT TREATMENT.

With that note, I am pleading with everyone to

1. post your root or supposed root cause, if you don't know say i dont know

2. describe what type of acne - moderate, severe, whitehead here and there

3. Please add your treatment to your signature and things that did not work, or atleast post it somewhere.

I am posting this because I see many clear faces and great progress with many, but they do not post their root and treatment for all to follow. In addition, I see posts about interventions that worked but that I know for sure won't work for everyone. Lets help out each other and provide as much information possible to avoid harming others...Mahalo


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