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July Is Almost Over!



Ugh, I can't beleive July is almost over! It doens't feel like it was that long ago it was the start of a new year! Oh well, time goes by regardless I want it to or not!

Ok so for a quick update, I had 3 small zits crawl up on me yesterday night, luckly 2 of there were harded sebum that my skin was pushing out, and one was a small whitehead I think. Well anyways they were super easy to extract, and they didn't get inflammed like ususal. So I must be doing something right! :naughty:

Oh and recently I have changed the moiusturisor I'm using. I was in my local Safeway and I saw the product on sale. I am now using L'Oreal Skin Genesis - Pore minimizing skin re-smoother (thats a mouth full!) :wacko: I've noticed that my skin doesn't feel oily during the day like it use to (blotting by lunch time!), my foundation is staying on better, and my skin looks pretty decent also.