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Coconut oil



I wish upon a star for some clear skin without going so far...I suffer from hormonal acne. My type is a result of excess testosterone which tends to get converted to DHT by the 5-alpha..blah blah blah enzyme. DHT not testosterone is the culprit. BAD BAD DHT!!! So what am i supposed to do. Here is a list of things that have been researched and that supplement (now not cure, but aid in the acne treatment):

1. exercise: de-stresses (certain stressors imbalance your bodies processes and when you cry you release prolactin which for some reason leads to more DHT production), so exercise can help bring your body back into balance and you'll look hot!!

2. Diet change: stop eating processes foods. seriously. stop eating processed sugars. stop eating dairy and soy. hunting and gathering societies have no acne. they just eat all organic fruits veges and nuts. some meat. So go back to basics..

3. chemical change: stop using all them over the counter and prescription crap...your problem is internal..hallooo. by using them all you do is throw all the junk in the closet. Stays hidden for a while but without getting to the root you are bound to have a blow out. Your better off washing with water. if you were make-up wash with wipes then rinse off with water.

What maybe a good addition.

Research suggests that coconut oil is a 5-alpha..blah blah inhibitor. I plan to give it a try. seems like it has helped many. Gotta use the virgin cold pressed kind. 3 times a day internally and externally.

It also has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and moisturizing uses.

I shall update the results.


I'm seeking treatment for back acne which is a result self induced testosterone levels. The doc is prescribing antbiotics but I'm uncomfortable with excess use of them. Trying to treat the symptoms because I don't want to come off the T.

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If you go on antibiotics. make sure you take acidophilus cuz antibiotics kills off your natural bacteria. also your body will get used to the antibiotics so after a while if you haven't noticed you're gonna need something else. I know you posted in Dec. How is your bacne now...if you still need tips here:

to counteract the negative effects of steriods or whatever testosterone you use:

- take your vitamins especially A (40,000iu), E (400iu), C (1000mg 3x/day), B 50 complex, Zinc (50), take the abce inthe morning together with meal. take zinc at night on empty stomach

-make sure you getting water (sip throughout day don't gorge a whole bottle at once)

- excercise to purge pores (make sure you shower immediately after...

-make sure you have a healthy diet, processed foods, sugars, pretty much anything thats High Gi will make things worse. ifyou use testosterone you need something that will cancel the effects so change your diet first and foremost.

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awww shit my other comment didnt go...here

i know your post is from dec. sorry for the delay. hope things got better if not heres some tips:

1. your body tends to get used to antibiotics so i don't know what you gonna do when it stops working

2. antibiotics kills natural bacteria which is also necessary for clear skin so make sure you get acidophilus

3. your are pretty much poisoning your body so you need to cancel the effects of the SIT (self induced testosterone).

-healthy diet. cut out all high GI foods. increase fruits and veges..they are your best defense. you are already poisoning your body don't make it worse with mcdonalds and hot dogs

-increase water: sip don't gulp throuout the day. atleast 64 oz a day

-build immunity with supplements

Morning : A (40,000 iu), B 50 Complex, C(1000mg), E (400 iu) (A: exfoliation, sebum control. E: studies show people with Vitamin e in their sebum has less or no acne, C: fights infection, cleansing, kills free radicals, improves collagen)

Lunch : c 1000 mg (

Dinner: C 1000 mg

Empty stomach before bed: Zinc 50 mg (immune health)

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