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Took me long enough, I know



I'm back, took me long enough, I know. I think tomorrow is the end of week 8, or beginning of week 8, I've lost track.

Anyway I realized a few days ago I haven't been using the Regimen quite right, which is irritating to me. I was wondering why I've been suffering breakouts (and some cystic acne, which I've only gotten twice before in my entire life).

Well, I did the whole wait 5 minutes between each step of the Regimen. I recently reread the steps to make sure I was doing everything right, because I was wondering why the heck it wasn't working for me, and then bam I realized you're not supposed to wait 5 minutes.. That's just kind of a general guideline.

RATHER, you are to wash your face, let it dry, put BP on, wait til it's fully gone, (add AHA+ at this point if you want, and wait for it to dry), then apply moisturizer and go on your happy way. See, when I was applying the moisturizer, I wasn't waiting for the BP to dry - and that wasn't giving the BP enough time to do it's thing.

After allowing the BP to fully dry for the past few days, my acne seems to be slowly improving. I'm wary of finding more underneath the skin so I try not to over scrutinize - if I stress myself out anymore I'm likely to have health repurcussions :wacko: I have also been using the AHA+ as a moisturizer one night a week to help speed up the healing process.

I'm trying so hard to give the Regimen 3 months to work but it's difficult to not want to quit when things aren't going your way.

As a side note, I'm not thrilled with the cleanser - it is very drying, and I have a good long-standing relationship with Cetaphil so I am considering going back after doing some research on the site. Also, the moisturizer is less than ideal - it should be more moisturizing! I mean jojoba oil fixes that but I'm tired of being shiny-faced all the time. Even though my husband likes the yellow tint to it, sometimes I just want to feel normal.


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