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Week 3, Day 24 - Dermatologist Visit



So I went to the Dermatologist this morning and he extracted my initial breakout as well as the spot on my chin. It bled a lot but they are down and now scabs. I was just thinking I should make the appointments after work so I don't have to deal with a bloody face - I can just run home and give my spots a chance to heal overnight. Instead of going to work with my hair covering my face.

Anyways, he mentioned that I am doing very well on Accutane. I am hoping that in 2 weeks when I see him again my face will have no sore pimples and I will be on my way to clear skin. Also, he is keeping me on the 40mg Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and 80mg Monday, Wednesday, Friday - dose for the next 2 weeks. He also mentioned that he wanted increase my dosage and have me start using Vitamin A cream in a bit. I am glad since it will smooth my skin out and decrease the hyperpigmentation.

Blood test August 3rd, next appointment August 5th.

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