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Day 9



Today is the 9th day taking Accutane!

My face is a lot clearer, I must say. The bigger spots i had are calming down but still visable and the smaller spots i had have now disappeared leaving me with flaky areas and some slight scaring. I'm really pleased with the progress so far, I just hope the next 4 months are like this.

I forgot to mention I am on 40mg a day for 4 months (so not as bad as some people I guess, but the face was still pretty horrific!)

Yesterday was the first time ive done any exercise since taking accutane. Played an hour of netball practise. Woke up expecting the major aches and pains i have been hearing of but didn't have any!

The only thing is my lips are a lot more sore today, despite continuous use of Aquaphor and/or Carmex. I can feel them tingling now. I have been getting slightly itchy skin mainly on arms and legs every day since starting but it really isn't that bad.

In terms of dry skin, it's under control at the moment....the clinqiue nightcream seems to be working wonders and i am only slightly dry on the chin and cheekbones.

Will keep you posted.

Nic xx