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Accutane Day 23



Boo - still nothing terribly dramatic to report. Wish I could say that I'm noticing progress - but I'm not really. Pill #23 tonight.

Skin Condition: Developed another cyst near my ear - and a couple of white heads on the left side of my forehead and left temple. Not happy. My cheeks and jaw are still covered in scabs of the pimples I've popped (yes, I'm still popping as soon as they develop into a whitehead), red marks, and tiny white bumps. Blackheads are also more noticeable all over my T-zone, cheeks and jawline. Dry skin is starting to be a bit of a problem around my nose - I'm peeling like I have a sunburn. I think this is because I'm not using a good moisturizer during the day. Can anyone recommend a moisturizer that's effective, but which won't make me look greasy? NOT HAPPY!! I look disgusting. On the good side - I continue to stay clear in my T-Zone (despite the blackheads and peeling) and I remain shine-free.

Side effects are almost non-existant. I haven't had anymore unusual body aches, and my itchy, flaky scalp seems to be back to normal - my hair is a bit dry, but I can manage that. I haven't noticed it starting to fall out, but I'm a bit petrified of this - my hair is so thin as it is, I don't have much to lose!! If it helps, I've been using high moisturizing shampoo and conditioner once a day and massaging my scalp pretty diligently. I still haven't started my period. I'm thinking my body is in a bit of shock because of the Accutane.

I have my appointment set with my derm for next Tuesday. Hope all goes well and I hope that the lack of side effects means he can boost my dosage so that this can move faster. Is that how it works?

Unbelievably miserable. Go away acne! I hate you. You are ruining my life.


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