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Day 42



So, did something bad tonight. I picked two raised blackhead things (not sure what they are called). One came out instantly, and I actually think it was okay as I long as I disinfected it (we will find out tomorrow though! Haha maybe I made it worse--which is most likely) and I also picked another blackhead thing...yeah, it's bigger :wacko: my fault though! Sorry skin!

So I have been running these past 3 days. I love it so far. But I also got a new pimple on my chest, which hasn't happened in a LONG time besides the other one I had a day or so ago. So weird. I think it's the running. It was a huge white head, so I popped it and put some tea tree oil and a bandage on it. So, we will see.

Let's see. I have been taking my original vitamins (A, D3, and Zinc) once daily, plus an Aleve for my huge zit I have above my lip that is STILL there. I'm beginning to think it will be there for awhile, lol. The cyst on my right cheek is still lingering as well.

I love the healthy eating I'm doing. I found so many great food blogs, some raw vegan, some vegetarian, etc. I would put the links here, but I think they get taken off? Whether or not they do, just message me for some if you are interested.

So, I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic. Never was into coffee, I drink tea occasionally, I don't drink alcohol, have never done any sort of drugs, etc...but chocolate is my weakness. It's bad. So today on some of the raw vegan websites I found that most support cacao (the bean that chocolate is made from). Let me state it is CACAO, not COCO. Cacao is pure chocolate. Bitter and tasty in all it's glory (at least in my opinion). I prefer dark to milk chocolate any day, so the bitterness doesn't really phase me. Well, I saw a couple of recipes for a quick chocolate fix, which consists of coconut oil, cacao powder (organic, pure), honey, and almond milk. It was DELICIOUS. And, supposedly really good for you (in moderation, of course). This doesn't mean you snack on Hershey or Milky Way all day, but if you are like me and love chocolate, this raw food recipe is the way to go.

However, the caffeine that is naturally in cacao concerns me, because I rarely get so much caffeine. So, we will see how that goes. But I have heard about Carob, which is natural and sweet like chocolate, but has no caffeine. I scoured my favorite health food stores, but to no avail. I'm hitting a few more spots tomorrow. This would be wonderful for a banana smoothie. Carob and pure chocolate both contain antioxidants, which are great for your skin.

Anyways, so that is something new I ate today.

What has also been on my mind is birth control. One day, I need to get off of it. I'm probably going to be on it for the rest of the year, because I want it in the early stages of my marriage, at least for awhile until I figure other alternatives out. But, it needs to go someday (and preferably sooner rather than later).

Updates later! Ttyl :naughty:


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