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Day 37



Hello to whoever is reading this :D

What shall I report today? Most of the blackheads from my nose seem to have disappeared. Yay :( My backne has being doing pretty good except for those two huge zits that appeared. Blehh. But that was partly my fault for not eating healthy last week. Now when I wash my face with the Cetaphil gentle cleanser I can feel a whole lot of these grainy, tiny, bulb like things falling off :naughty: but it still has that sticky and shiny feel to it after I've finished washed it. My complexion has seem to gotten a bit fairer but I guess that's because I've stayed out of the sun and been taking alot of naps. haha.

I can't really tell if my red marks are improving but damn those pitted scars are more apparent now. I can only imagine what my skin now will look like if I had one of those magnifying mirrors. Yikes.

Speaking of mirrors...I've noticed how horrible my face seems to look when I happen to get a glimpse of myself in those mirrors in the stores at malls. :wacko:

I haven't felt like eating these days and have been pretty moody too. I haven't been sleeping well either. Falling asleep around 3 am is no fun and because of that I'm extra tired during the day. I've had these really bad headaches lately. Not sure if it's due to lack of sleep or accutane.


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