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Day 43-Getting Clear and Getting Tan. Plus:face scrub recipe.



Hey all. Aww,it's good to be home. Spent 4 beautiful days in the sun;innertubing,boating,and swimming. When I'm home I tend to look at my skin ever half hour,obsessing over every pimple,scar and flaw. The house we were staying at, had one bathroom...with one mirror. There was 8 of us total so you can imagine how much its being used. Needless to say,I didn't spend much time in there. I was kept occupied and never really thought about my acne,I found at the end of my trip that my skin was MUCH clearer! Now I'm trying not to look in the mirror as much and have my every thought be plagued by acne. Just enjoy summer (:...wish it would stop raining though!

I have only one under the skin pimple as opposed to 3 or 4 like last week. My only real problem now is pustles, I have at least 4 always. I try to wait for them to dry up but I hate them with a burning passion,so I tend to pop them(I know..horrific) :wacko: . All of my clogged pores(little flesh colored pimples) are gone! All I need to do now is clear up some pustles and two other stubborn pimples. I'm a little more than two weeks away from using Epiduo for 2months. I never thought my skin could clear this fast!

I'm thinking about doing a water detox soon. But drinking only water and eating nothing for 4 days sounds scary. I've had to eat nothing for a whole day this past month for a surgery I was doing, and by the time the surgery was over...I wasn't even hungry. I've done fasts before and I know detoxes are really good to flush out your colon and liver. I heard it helps your acne as well, so thinking about that.

I think I'm going to put a baking soda mask on and take a shower, Ta ta for now! OH p.s: my good friend makes her own skincare line,specifically targeted towards acne(shes suffered from acne her whole life and is in her 30's now). She makes this AMAZING face scrub that works so well for my acne and is definitely clearing me up. I'm not just saying this because were pals. This is the best scrub I've ever used,and its all natural. Makes my skin smooth and reduces redness. She is going to teach me how to make it so next blog post I'll explain the steps if anyone cares to know. Should be fun(: Bye


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