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Week 1 of Accutane Treatment



Hi everyone! Just to let you all know a bit about me first. 22 years old and have had spots for as long as I can remember....got real bad in the last 18months (unsure why). I have tried a variety of treatments, from topical gel, dianette, antibiotics, various face cleansers etc etc to no avail.

I pushed and pushed my doctor until he finally recommended a dermatologist who took one look at my face and said that no antibiotic in the world would help me. I need Roaccutane. I had heard bad things about this drug so I was terrified but excited at the prospect of a beautiful face!

So.....my first tablet was on 12th July 2011. I am now on day 8.

I must say...it's not as bad as I was expecting (I know it's early days!) I wish I had taken a picture of my skin before. It was worst on my forehead, with about 6 cystic spots, my left check the same. My right cheek was ok and then various smaller white heads in other places.

Within 2 days my lips were getting slightly dry so I have been using Aquaphor religously every hour and touch wood they are ok at the moment! By day 4 my skin looked quite flaky on my nose and chin. When I put my make up on it didnt look that great....

The only other side effect I have had is itchy skin on my arms and legs! Its worse in the morning for some reason, but not unbearable so I can live with that!

Other than that, I feel totally fine at the moment. No headaches, no depression, no dry eyes etc.

If anyone is interested this is my daily cleansing routine:

Wash face in L'Oreal gentle cleansing milk

Clinique Anti-blemish toner

Clinique Dramatically different moisturiser

Followed by Clinique Superdefence SPF25 (which really helps with the flaky skin before makeup!)

Then my make up.

In the evening i take all my make up off and either put on Clinique anti-oxidant nightcream OR Aquaphor on flaky patches of skin :naughty:

I will keep this updated every few days and I welcome anyone who has any questions or experiences to share!! Its nice to have support during this stressful and exciting time! :wacko:)

Nic xx

PS> I have not yet had the initial break out stage :S really unsure why as many other people seem to get worse before they get better. But when I woke up today all my cystic spots had pretty much disappeared!! So i dont want to get too excited but I cant help it! Lol


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