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One week!



Day 8

So it's 1 in the morning, and I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd do a quick update.(:

First thing, I feel like whenever I go out or even get near sunlight, even for just a few minutes, my face turns bright cherry red. I guess I just don't have a high enough SPF on...

As for the cysts on my chin and around my nose: they're all still there, slowly shrinking, and I've also gotten a few new cysts scattered on my forehead. There are also a few on my hairline. The blackheads on my nose have also gotten a lot less noticeable. Barely there. My scars on my cheeks have lightened drastically, too. I still have quite a bit of scarring, but NOTHING like what I had before starting accutane.

Because you can't wax your face while on accutane, I tried threading my upper lip and no problems! So I'm hoping I don't have any problems threading my eyebrows next week...

My lips are also staring the dry up and it doesn't help that I have a bad habit of biting my lips until

they bleed, so I've been using aquaphor to help me out with that, otherwise my lips just HURT, they sting and the aquaphor just helps soothe them.

Mild backaches and the skin on my face is feeling a lot tighter, and the skin on the sides of my nose are starting to flake quite a bit, but I can handle this.(: just got to keep thinking positively!


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