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end of month 5



hey everyone it has been soooooo long since i last posted at least a couple of weeks. and that is because i was away and didnt have any internet. also i didnt have much to post about cause AGAIN THERE IS STILL HARDLY ANY CHANGES. ugh so the first week that i was away my face was totally fine and not bothering me at all. week two i get a spot above my lip (so annoying) and one on my forehead. and both of them hurt! and are red. :'( they are going away now, but i see im getting another spot under my mouth. i think it is because of this huge heatwave right now it is soo humid all the time. Also i got a couple of nosebleeds which is common. i got a couple at the beginning of my treatment too i think i may have forgotten to mention them before. :/ so anyhow my appointment with my doc is in 1 week! i cant wait to speak to him and ask him WHY oh why i am STILL breaking out. i stopped my depression meds so long ago and still havent told my doctor about it. :S :S anywayssss.... i only have one more week left of month five !! is it true that you can only be on accutane for 6 months???? please answer..

i only have one more refill.. so i suppose after 1 month i wont be able to take accutane anymore.?

signing out, mythai05


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