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Report - [19, 7 11]



Went to bed too late as usual.

No problem getting to sleep.

Up once with burning feet.

Restless in late morning again.

Woke up too early then couldn't get back to sleep.

Bowel movement super sloppy but not quite diarrhea this time - almost though.

2 glasses water

Small piece of ginger

Vit C

White rice, bramley apples, carrots, ginger, creamed coconut, beef dripping, sugar.

Small piece of cake [gluten free flour, bramley apples, ginger, eggs, sugar, beef dripping.]

Far too much carbs/starch but seemed to handle if alright

WEIGHTS - Chest - felt awful again - lack os strength - might be lack os sleep - something to do with diarrhea

Small piece ginger


Greens, olive oil, salt

Potatoes, sweetcorn, beef dripping, olive oil, salt.

Vit C

250 grams beef mince, 1/2 egg, herbs, salt, pepper

Small amount of - White rice, bramley apples, carrots, ginger, creamed coconut, beef dripping, sugar.

Fucking bad HEARTBURN


Chest and back much better - no real active spots - red marks from dead spots.

Face alright

- some blemishes on forehead - no real spots

- couple of spots in side bearns -beard.

- spot on corner of mouth - not big but fcking annoying.

Scalp - better but still feeling affects of bad break out from few days ago pain fading on some spots but still far too many


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