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June 19



Well, I'm on my final day of my period. The spiro has affected my cycle most definately...for better or worse...I don't know what long term effects it will have but I'm happy right now to have a clear skin today. Like I said before I did have a small breakout due to my monthly friend.

Tomorrow I have an appoitment with my dermatologist. I cant' beleive two months have passed. Hopefully, seeing that I've had positive results I won't need to see him as often.

I'm learning to accpet my scars, especially the new ones I have under my chin from the horrible breakout I had in January.

I can still remember being in the shower not being able to wash my face because they were so painful. I'm so grateful to God that I'm clear. This morning washed my face it felt very smooth, to bumps at all. I should post a picture huh. I'll try to do it later today.