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Accutane Day 21



And we continue - Pill #21 tonight.

Not much new to report since Day 19. But side effects of the drug have largely subsided. I guess my body is adapting. No more body aches to speak of. My scalp is less dry - it no longer looks like I have dandruff - just a few flakes here and there. Dryness and peeling in general are not a huge problem. My lips still feel chapped easily - but I can go a couple hours without reapplying vaseline, so its not too much of an issue. Hopefully this doesn't mean that the drug is losing its effectiveness!

In terms of my skin, things are still pretty gross - the little white bumps around my lower face are all emerging as big pink full-blown pimples - and I feel quite a few cysts underneath the skin that I'm sure I will be meeting soon. So, breakouts are far from over. On the good side, pimples that I popped have dried up and flaked away really quickly - and the cysts on my earlobe and temple, though not gone, have significantly deflated. T-Zone and forehead remain clear except for blackheads - and scaliness. I also continue to have shine free skin! Very happy about this.

This may be TMI, but since we're all on here talking about zits, what the heck - I was supposed to start my period a couple days ago, but I'm still waiting. I don't know if Accutane has affected this at all - is that possible? (Note: I'm not on birth control - I pledged abstinence). In any case, this might account for how bad my breakout has been over the last week. I usually break out like crazy right before a period.

I can't wait for things to start turning around - I'm so miserable right now.

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Hey! I am taking 30 mg twice a day and having some of the same side effects. white tiny bumps on chin as if they are trying to push through. But i think my hair is thinning/balding in one area :clap: that scares me

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