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How to get rid of acne?



There are hundred of home remedies for acne out there and you are wondering which one is actually effective? Today, I am going to teach you 5 simple and effective ways on how to get rid of acne which I experienced before and found that its really work for me! Follow them and do let me know if they worked on your skin. I’m sure they will! =)

1. Oatmeal. Oatmeal contain polysaccharides (a type of complex carbohydrate). A gel will form when the polysaccharides mix with water. This gel is very effective in soften and nourishes the skin. Oatmeal also contains healthy fats. When this fats contact with your skin, it will helps to add on the moisture contain to your skin and prevent your skin from drying out!

Ok, how to used oatmeal for skin remedy?

First, mix the oatmeal powder with enough rose water as if you were going to eat it. Then let it cool off ( I’m sure you don’t want to burn your skin right? Haha..).Then, make a soft paste so that it can spreads easily on your skin. Rub your skin softly with your fingertips and pay more attention to the problem areas. After that, you just leave it on to dry off (about 15 minutes). Rinse off the oatmeal paste with cold water. For the problem areas, you probably can put more on it, for almost whole day until night. This method is very good in getting rid of acne especially blackheads!

2. Honey. Using honey to cure acne is probably one of the best natural way to clear your skin up and it also works as a great moisturizer! (It works so well and I don’t even need to buy any moisturizer’s products in the market. If you don’t mind to let your skin being sticky for a few minutes a day, you should give honey a try!) In order to effectively cure your acne problems, you should buy unprocessed and uncooked honey in the market. Apply honey to your skin for around 10 to 15 minutes a day and your pimples should have incredibly improved! This is because honey has some anti-bacterial properties that help to reduce your blemishes and prevents for future breakouts. You may also try to mix honey with apple cider vinegar, cinnamon or even egg yolks but still, honey is the best ingredient I had ever tried!

3. Strawberry leaves. Why your acne gets red and painful? This is because there is a direct link between pH and inflammation. Basically, low pH (acidity) will make the inflammation condition become serious while high pH (alkalinity) will reduce the inflammation. Therefore, one of the best ways to reduce the acidity in the inflammation areas which are prone to acne is to apply something alkaline. Strawberry leaves are one of the best alkaline solution to the inflammation area on your skin. What you need to do is take a cup of strawberry leaves and grind the leaves with probably a teaspoon of water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste to your acne prone areas like mask and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse off the paste with clean and cool water and you are done to reduce the inflammation in your acne and therefore reduce the redness, pain and swelling!

4. Tomato pulp. Tomatoes posses high level of vitamins C and A, antioxidants and acidic content which are very useful for skin. Tomatoes make an excellent skin treatment from treating large pores and acne to rashes and more. What you need to do is just simply mash a tomato into pulp and spread the pulp on your face and even the areas without acne. Leave the tomato pulp on your skin for an hour or more, then rinse and moisturize. Do this every day for several days and you will see the great effect!

5. Seawater. The salt water in the ocean is extremely strong and the high levels of salt content that is proven to be anti-bacterial and anti-microbial . I use to go for a swim at the sea and within just an hour of being in the seawater, I noticed there has considerable improvement on my acne! Of course you do not need to go to the beach with a lot of jars and put sea water in it, homemade saltwater have the significant effect too! To do so, mix salt and water and boil for a few minutes. Put the solution aside until it is cooled. Then use it to wash your face everyday.

Once you understand the basic causes of acne, it will become easy to understand these home remedies. Some of the home remedy is work for opening clogging pores, and some of them might work to get rid of the bacteria on the skin. Some may don’t work at all! I encourage you to experiment with these home remedies and see which work for you. But if you have a serious acne problem, you should consider using anti-acne product or the best will be approach a dermatologist. :wacko:



This is a very informative article. Btw, I just log on to the resource blog that you share with us and found that it is a great blog for acne too. The blog give out the free report which I found it very useful. Thanks for sharing Angie and keep your work up!

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This is a very informative article. Btw, I just log on to the resource blog that you share with us and found that it is a great blog for acne too. The blog give out the free report which I found it very useful. Thanks for sharing Angie and keep your work up!
Thanks Jenny. :clap:

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