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Day 53



No change really but I had my appointment at the doctors this morning, he's prescribed me Dianette. I don't wanna mess with the DKR or whatever but having a boyfriend and not wanting children right now kind of makes contraception a must lol. And as I have acne as well I thought I might as well try to overcome two problems at once. I can't start using it yet though as I'm not due on my period until the end of the month and you're meant to take the first pill on the first day of your period. I have to admit I'm a little worried about the possibility of weight gain and lack of libido as I've experienced this before with problems with my pituitary gland and it was NOT fun.

I was eating less than I ever have and exercising more and yet the weight wouldn't move! Bloated belly, bigger thighs and ass, oh and my bf thought I didn't fancy him cos I just was not wanting sex at all! So I'm hoping I won't have any of these effects with this pill as I do realise it's a totally different situation, but other people have had these side effects on Dianette so its a possibility. Anyhow, time will tell and I'll let y'all know when I come on my period and starting taking the pill lmao niiiice.

Face Status (not good, not good at all)

On my forehead I have a big red bumpy spot thing, I picked it and made it worse which is annoying as I generally don't get spots there very often and now its shining like a traffic beacon.

My left cheek has two spot scabs right next to each other - which looks lovely, not. I also have a new small whitehead which I'm pretty sure has come from another clogged pore.

My chin has a couple of bumps still which for some reason won't cover with concealer, WTF!? It's like my spot is concealer resistant.

On my right cheek I have no active spots atm however still lots of PIH and red bumps from previous spots which I hope are dying. I actually think that the AHA has worked slightly on reducing some of the old PIH there though when I went overboard the other night!


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