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Back for an update.

I now have a small amount of outbreaks on my skin at all times, and it is very frustrating because i eat well, exercise regularly, and are taking my vitamins everyday like clockwork. I believe my lst and final step will be to embrace the pH discrepancy of my body...

Doing a little poking around, there is a lot of information linking body pH and acne. one site that list foods is

I wont go into details, but it is worth a shot. Doing ACV, an acid, actually triggers metabolic response of to promote alkalotic envronment, and so i am going to give this and lemon water a try. People have had good luck with both, and I will try and do this for a couple of weeks. Also, wheatgrass shots are SUPER alkalotoc, so might have to work those into my diet.

I still do my normal vitamins. I feel great and other than my small amounts of persistant acne, am very happy with my progress. Hopefully, this will get my body back in line and start the better healing process and have a better me.

p.s. I used to lift weights until my acne exploded on my face and I never went back until a couple of weeks ago. After lifting and taking protein, I had an outbreak. But, WHEY protein is actually alkalizing, so I will be making the switch and hitting the weights to see what happens. Just a heads up for guys like me that had to give up the gym.


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