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Day 40



Haha, oh my... my last rant was insane! It was late though (3 AM--after Harry Potter too) and I was upset.

And just to state first off, I think by now if you are reading my blog you have probably discovered it is a hybrid of the DKR regimen and holistic health. So, that being said...

I did have a breakout Thurs/Fri of last week. My chin still has little ones, I have two pretty big ones above my lip, the cyst on my right cheek is still lingering, and two (possibly three) on my forhead.

I think part of it was I did have some chocolate, and as much as I love it, I know that it is most likely a trigger food for me :(, I was up later than usual due to the premiere, I was emotional (last HP! haha), etc.

I also started two new vitamins: Vitamin A and Vitamin D3. I think I bought a crappy brand. It contains soybean oil, which I don't think my body likes. I am buying a new kind for both of these vitamins called Country Life, that has a pretty good ingredient list.

I also didn't have a green smoothie for 3 days :naughty:

Also, although I want to deny it, I think gluten is a problem for me sometimes. But sometimes not (if that makes any sense whatsoever). So this week (and possibly next) I'm going to have no gluten at all, and see what happens. If nothing happens, I will go back to my whole wheat toast I have every morning :D I know this is a short amount of time, ,but maybe I can slowly incorporate it back (man, I am an amateur). Gluten is the hardest thing for me to let go of. Sweets, dairy, processed foods are hard as well, but easier for me personally to give up rather than gluten, and I think this is due to just sheer convenience. Bread is an easy meal. I have thought about doing a candida cleanse, but I am on birth control so it would be pointless...maybe when I am off of it eventually.

So, starting this afternoon (I had bread for lunch...lol whoops) I am having no gluten and I am taking my (hopefully) healthier made vitamins (I hope they are at the store like the site said they would be!:wacko:)

I have also not exercised in a while. So, I'm going to run a bit on the treadmill tonight (not hardcore, just light exercise). Which scares me, because I think it gives me pimples sometimes, but then other times it doesn't...hm...

No rhyme or reason sometimes I swear...

Ttyl all! :(


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