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Day 33



Hello there, I don't know who has been reading my entries but to those of you that do, thank you very much.

Hmm..what's there to report? Well I got 5 cysts in total now. 3 of which I believe are from me taking a chance with a slice of pizza and a small portion of fries a couple of days ago. Yes I know, very bad decision. I regret it because those red marks from the cysts stick out alot. :wacko: Face is still dry, it's not as shiny as before but still a bit shiny. Lips are still dry and I've been drinking more water than usual because of the killer heat. I hat running to the bathroom often because of that. Grrr

Ok so this part of today's posting is just me venting out some things that was bugging me today since I've got no one to talk to. No one really takes me on any more. You don't have to read it if you want but if you did, thanks.

So some background info...Well some of my hair started dropping really badly about 4 years ago but only for a few months. I was a bit worried at first but told myself not to worry because it might just a passing phase. My hair started back dropping like crazy last year. There was point where I just got fed up and tried to called the dermatologist but never got through so I just gave up.

Fast forward this year...so I couldn't take it any more and tried calling the dermatologist when my exams were over and called again. This time success. So by this time my hair is like a third or a quarter of what is used to be. It's rather depressing. So since my hair was still dropping I decided to go by a hairdresser who I haven't went to in years to chop of my long locks to a short bob. When she was cutting my hair she was shocked to see how much my hair thinned out. The way she talked and looked at my hair made me feel like if I had a disease and killed me inside. :'(

When I went to my dermatologist he told me to take a thyroid test and well all the other test you need to do before you start taking accutane to see if losing my hair was genetic or if it was due to my thyroid. He suggested that i take pantogar for a month. When the blood work came back I swore I read something in my thyroid was low but he said everything was normal and when I reached back home, I was like did he read the right column? He never told me if I should take any more Pantogar and my prescription was finish. I'll have to question him next time.

Fast forward to today...so I was sitting in on a stool at my mum's store and she came next to me and started saying how I should cut my already short hair even shorter even shorter :@ Then she start lifting up pieces of my hair saying that look how bad your hair was thinned out, if you were to tie your hair up you'll see all those bald spots. I just left and started crying. In my head I was like |What do you want me to do about it? It's not my fault my hair has thinned out so badly. If I cut my hair any shorter, I'll look even more bald. I keep mentioning it to you bust it doesn't seem like you really listen and just brush me off." I still feel angry.

Wow that was a long rant...I feel a little better now. For those of you who had read that rant, I really thanks you even if you don't comment.


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