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Report - [15, 7 11]



Slept fairly well - got to sleep fine - up once with burning feet - needed a piss so bad late in the morning couldn't go back to sleep so restless in ben for an hour or so cause couldn't be arsed to get up.

Large fart when waking up and having piss - not smelly really though.

One nostril blocked as per usual - cleared up through morning - both nostrils eventually clear but still some mucus production - thicker catarrh rather than runny nose.

- Allergy type symptoms much better though - no sneazing or itchiness.

Bowel movement super sloppy - Diarrhea again - all out in one movement basically - has to be papaya enzyme tablets.

2 glasses water.

small piece of ginger

Large apple - bramley

Large raw carrot

Vit C

6 scrambled eggs, herbs, salt, pepper, beef dripping.

2 papaya enzyme tablets.

RUNNING - felt terrible - performance was awful - maybe lack of carbs


Vit C

White rice, carrot, 2 eggs, sweetcorn, Chicken leftover from last night [histahell], herbs, salt, pepper, beef dripping.

When i went to sit down after cooking feet were bruning as bad as they ever have - for an hour or so

No real indigestion today - not much farting either. No hearbturn i can remember


Better - no new spots apart from in scalp

Bad breakout period appears to be over - quite a few dieing spots.


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