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100% clear :)



So it has been almost 4 months that I have been on spiro and I'm estatic to report that I am 100% clear and have been for a few weeks now :wacko: (except 1 pimple I did get about a week ago, but only because I have been going on vacation a lot this summer and tend to forget to take my pill everyday, though it was gone within days)

Spiro has been a miracle drug for me, I don't need to obsess over daily regimens or have to feel guilty if I forget to wash my face every now and then. I honestly can't remember the last time that I've felt my face and it was totally and utterly smooth and it's seriously an amazing feeling.

So as of now I just make sure to take my spiro every day and in the morning and at night I wash my face with the Arbonne (love their products but its VERY expencive) cleanser/freshener and their new cell exfoliater and then apply biore facial moisturizer.

But, as usual I'm still left with my ever present PIH, though since I've been to the beach a lot this summer I have gotten really tan and it does make my scars less noticable. I don't think I'm going to really attempt to do anything about them until summer is over because the best thing (or really the only thing) that gave me results were the glycolic/kojic acid peels. I'm waiting until the end of the summer mainly because it is summer and I am always outside. Also I love being tan and don't want my face to be 2-3 shades lighter than the rest of me lol.

So seriously, if anyone suspects there is a chance their acne is hormonal (if you tend to break out more durring or right before your periode or if you tend to breakout on your jawline/chin/neck, talk to your dermatologist about getting on spironolacton!! It does take a while before your totally 100% clear but it is seriously worth it! My skin hasnt looked this good since I was probably 13 and I don't have to worry about putting globs of makeup on my face just to leave the house.


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