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Day 36



One word for today: RED!

SUPER RED! Which is weird, because I haven't been this red in awhile (or ever, maybe...). Maybe I'm allergic to something I have eaten? I have also slightly increased my BP amount, so that could be it too. Hopefully it calms down by midnight (at least, before would be preferable), as I am going to be seeing HARRY POTTER AT MIDNIGHT!!!! I'm excited :naughty: Don't judge, haha. Maybe I will post a picture of it later.

Anyways, so the tea tree oil was good. Think it made my pimple in the corner smaller (it is now gone). I have many, many clogged pores on my right cheek. Which is weird, because that used to be my good cheek. Maybe it just now decided to start purging? Hmph :(, I don't know. My cyst on my right cheek is the same.

The two pimples that were on my forhead are now gone (as I have previously stated). But a new, little (for now) pimple is there now. So, bummer.

Another weird thing. Got a huge pimple on my chest....which is super weird. No clue as to why. Sometimes I get them there though.

So, still taking zinc and having my daily green smoothies (and eating well). Also, still taking kefir and eating goat milk yogurt. Now, I am thinking about taking a D3 supplement. It is July 14th and it is still not sunny here!!!! (I live in the Pacific Northwest, aka rain city :wacko:). It has only been sunny a week this summer...I think? So, maybe I need some Vitamin D...we will see. I'm going to buy it after work and take it tonight.

Thinking about some all natural carrot juice as well, in order to cleanse my liver (which probably desperately needs it...poor thing, lol). So, might buy some of that as well.

That is all. Ready for the redness to go away, lol.

TTYL all :D


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