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A girl on a mission: Day One



I have heard so much about Apple Cider Vinegar and how it DOES cure INDENTED/DEPRESSED/ROLLING/BOXCAR scars so I have decided to give it a try. But I am starting off with WHITE vinegar since I read ANY type of vinegar could be used. It is diluted and has 5% acidity.

I tested it on the sides of my face two days ago and nothing happened.

This morning I covered my whole face in it. I am desssperateee! I want these indented scars gone or at least less noticeable.

I applied it by mixing it with some Witch Hazel. I dipped a wash cloth in it and covered my face with it.

Nothing bad happened. The worst part was the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE smell. I could taste it bleeeeh. But it went away within a few minutes. :wacko:

I will apply it morning and night with the Witch Hazel and leave it on after I wash my face with Clean and clear. Hope this works. :naughty: