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blah. HP time.



So today I hit boiling point with these cysts, and decided to use some hydrogen peroxide on them. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing the bubbles and then watch the cyst shrink.

I know that hydrogen peroxide can work really well for some people, with reasonable logic behind it - benzoyl peroxide is based on the same thing, and introducing an aerobic environment for the bacteria in the pimple = death to that awful bacteria. Unfortunately, I also know about the free-radical properties etc etc blah. No one likes cancer. But no one likes acne either...

I'm going to use hydrogen peroxide as a topical for a week, maximum, to clear up these cysts. If it works amazing miracles on my skin, I may keep it up, but not for too long...free-radicals scare the shit out of me, and I don't think I drink enough green tea to warrant keeping it up for very long.

On another note, my parents are not helping...my sister cooked dinner tonight and forgot to mention she had used parmesan cheese. I only found out halfway through eating, not ideal for a dairy-free dieter. My mother's partner then made a comment about "why bother, it isn't helping anyway". Exactly what an unhappy girl needs to hear while trying to stick to a diet to help her skin (especially when she's stricken with cysts...GAH!). He's been cunty about a lot of things lately actually...so I'm going to try to keep my head up and ignore him.


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