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Report - [13, 7 11]



Slept badly again. Really struggled to get to sleep - very restless - brain in overdrive for some reason - took ove 3 hours to finally get some sleep - stayed in bed too long to make up for it . Feet were very weird - painful but not burning too much more reynauds rather than em.

Woke up with runny nose - allergy type shit - sneezed a couple of times - improved throughout the day as is now usual. - So much for dairy causing rhinitis - I'll give no dairy another week or so but then i will re-introduce it again.

Bowel movement very sloppy and large - borderline diarrhea. - fucking nasty. - Clearly no gluten - no dairy i really doing he job at stopping sloppy shits. - Farting seems to be accompanied by sloppy shits.

Couple of glasses of water.

Small piece of ginger.

Large Apple - bramley

Raw carrot.

Papaya enzyme tablet

Vit C

White rice, 4 eggs, bacon, sweetcorn, herbs, salt, pepper, beef dripping.

Bit of boxing

Small piece of ginger


2 Papaya enzyme tablets

Vit C

300gms 65%beef 35%pork mince, 1/2 eggs, herbs, salt, pepper.

Feet burned in late evening - not particularly bad though.

Guts were particularly weird in evening - rumbling and some discomfort rather than bloating - quite a bit of belching/ burbing with some small farts

- i would say it was either the second apple or most likely the papaya enzyme tablets.


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