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SKIN UPDATE - Worse last few days



Just a note that skin has been much worse last few days. Seems better today - hopefully.

Skin did seem to be in somekind of stasis for a while - last few weeks - quite good but not fully clear - odd spot and know real bad nasty inflamed ones - i did keep getting pre-spot pain on face that didn't actually turn into spots though.

Started last:

Thursday[7, 7, 11] / Firday [8, 7, 11]

I noticed on the 6th i had a big and nasty spot appearing on my lower back, i guess it good of first developed a few days before though, this was a serious motha as i hadn't had a really bad spot for a while. I hoped it was just a one of but skin continued to deteriorate over the weekend coming to a head on Tuesday. Today[ 13th july] things seem to have actually calmed down.

I used Bp for this time which was a bitch considering weather - prob raped skin.

Pre spot pain on cheek - spot never actually formed and has now faded.

Pre spot pain on nose - spot never actually formed

Pre spot pain on top in couple of different palces - never came to anything.

On Monday [11, 7, 11] A big spot/lump/hive [almost insect bit thing] appeared on hair line in middle of forehead - could feel it rather than see it - wasn't painful though - very weird - i put BP and by next day was fading and by 13th had compeltey gone.

Makes me think it wa some kind of hive rather than spot - was signifcantly raised at one point - wasn't insect bite because there is no puncture wound.

Must be some significance to it but i have no idea what.

Possible guilty parties:

  • I'm pretty clueless to be honest but i'll go with:
  • Fructose malabsorbtion from increased fruit and veg especailly onions, cabbage etc. What makes me point to this is the significantly increased farting since i started to eat more veg again. Maybe there was a cumulative build up of bacteria from malabasorbtion which eventually came to a head last few dyas [ so to speak]
  • Onions themselves - althugh i have been eatoing more veg for weeks now i have only re-introduced onions during the last 2 weeks. I know raw onions fuck me so why not cooked onions.
  • Link between farting/gas and ascne?!
  • Sulfur/sulphur foods such a onions, cabbage, broccoli, eggs - maybe i cant handle them properly and i have overloaded my system.
  • Gluten free flour
  • Sugar from cakes, crumbles.
  • Beef dripping - cakes and crumbles contained a lot! - Something to do with Saturated fat.
  • Stopping dairy. I haven't had any dairy at all for a week now and only butter for a wek before that. - maybe Diry withdrawal [whatever you call it] or maybe lacking something that was in dairy [iodine etc] or maybe a have replaced dairy with soemthing iam reactly negatively to.

As i type i have a few painful propper spots on back, not too big though,

- some very small ones on shoulders

- chest isn't tooo bad - couple of red spots.

- scalp has calmed down a bit - still a few painful ones though.

- worst hit areas are side burns - corner of beard/stubble. At least 5 in this area.

- Nothing on cheeks.

- Nothing on nose.

- Dead spot on last legs between eyebrows.

- forehead pretty much clear - some fading spot scars and left overs from spots that never wuite came to a head.

pre-spot pain in mustache - not sure if actual spot - not shaving until its gone.


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