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Accutane Day 15



So, going to take Pill #15 tonight - which marks half way through the first month.

I am starting to see some improvement - my skin, which normally would be slick and greasy by the end of the day, is almost completely oil free! I haven't had too many more breakouts - a few extra cysts have popped out - one above my right temple, one underneath my earlobe (weird) and another one along my jawline. But, generally, I haven't had too many more breakouts since the first one about a week ago.

I have to admit that I went to war against the cysts from the initial breakout - and popped almost all of them after waiting about 5 days. They just weren't budging and they hurt! So - I couldn't resist. Actually, I'm amazed how fast they have scabbed up and flaked off since I popped them. I know everyone has warned against doing this because of scarring - I'll keep you posted if I regret this decision to pop further down the line. So far, it's just helped things clear up.

I'm starting to see the blackheads emerging in my T-zone - not pretty - and I have little white bumps all over the bottom portion of my face. Also not pretty. I'm hoping they go away soon and don't turn into anything more major.

I continue to use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser - morning and evening, vaseline on my lips anytime they start to feel dry, and Neturogena Light Night Cream at night (I continue to use my Murad Skin Perfecting cream during the day because the Neutrogena is just too greasy.) I haven't had too much of a problem with dry flaky skin - just a little around the edge of my nose, but it's manageable. My scalp is still a bit itchy - but I actually took some vaseline to my fingertips and massaged my scalp last night before I went to bed. If you can bear going to bed with greasy hair, it actually helped a lot - my head doesn't itch today - and it was definitely less flaky. Also, for makeup, I use a tinted moisturizer, which I recommend for anyone looking for a coverup that's not too drying. I also haven't touched alcohol since I started the regimen.

Tiredness is not too bad during the day - but I'm wiped by the evening. I've also been a little afraid to return to the gym because it ached so much last week after I went - it took a few days of not exercising to recover!

I'll write more as things develop.


Hi! I am at week 14 and Iam on 30mg twice a day. I have a few cyst bumps which I hate but I do see a difference in my skin over all. I have very large pores and they are starting to shrink some.. I am scared though to start using a new cleanser the one I have is prescribed but it cost me $60 and thats just too much.I think my Derm doc will increase my dose at my next appt and I am ok with that.. Goodluck and keep me posted on your journey please

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That' so great that things are going well!! I am also starting to feel better, and I am a popper too! I have been going back to the gym, but going a bit easier… more low impact cardio… for weights, less weight- more reps. i seem to be doing okay. Plus I started to feel aweful about not going, and you know when you get in the habit of not going- it makes it soooo much harder to go back! I would say give it a try and see how you feel the next day. :clap:

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