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Day 34



Quick update. The freakin' huge monster in the middle of my forehead is gone. I popped it :D haha I know. But now it's pretty much nothing but a red mark. Shouldn't pop though! But it was seriously huge. Everyone commented on it, including my sister who knows not to say anything about my skin, lol.

The cyst on my right cheek is still huge. But not touching it. Just putting BP on it. I also have some clogged pores on my right cheek as well :wacko: hmph.

BUT, for the first time I used tea tree oil. I only used it on the zit in the corner, because I want to test it out, and that zit you can hardly even see. So if it works, it works. If not, good thing I didn't put it on my WHOLE face, lol. I put a band aide on it after I applied the tea tree oil. I got it from Trader Joes by the way (I LOVE TRADER JOES, for the record :naughty:)

I have been eating very healthy, and have now incorporated SOME dairy stuff in. I only incorporated kefir, which is fermented milk and is a huge staple in many people's acne free diet. I did a ton of research on it. So we will see how that does. I also ate some goat yogurt today. Pretty good.

Bad news: had a super stressful day, so that's never good. Also, I got really dizzy and lightheaded at work and all my body wanted was sugar. So I ate a Special K bar, which is super bad for you, but I thought I was going to faint. I think I'm not getting enough carbs or protein in my diet, and I'm eating too much fruit (sugar). So I made sweet potatoes and eggs for dinner, and had a green kefir smoothie. It could also be my body adjusting to not having constant bad sugars, carbs, fats, high fructose corn syrup, chocolate, etc. It's almost like I'm an addict and my body is craving bad food because it's all it's ever known for 21 years. So crazy how much crap I ate. I'm not saying I'm perfect, and no one should be with their diet ALL the time--we need to cheat a little--but I'm so much more aware.

It's all trial and error from here.

Oh, and I think it was the sugary alcohol that caused my breakout, and also my period ending.

I will let everyone know how the new diet changes and tea tree oil do.

Night all :(


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