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Day 29 w/pics



Sorry this might be long today.

Nothing much to report today besides lips cracking really badly. I've got to stop resting my face on my hand. Grrr Well since being on accutane, I've been staring at my face really closely and have come to the conclusion: "Ok this is what my skin's going to be like, don't take it on too much and keep your head up. These scars and marks will take time to heal." But then you start back questioning yourself "How long again do I have to wait? I've been suffering with this for years now!" Before I never really used to pay extremely close attention to my skin. There'll be times I'll say "Oh look another pimple" and ask "I wonder how long these marks will take to fade?" but other than that I'll be cool like a cucumber. It kind of ticks me off to hear those girls with perfect skin complain about a pimple the size of a sesame seed and act like if the world's about to end and constantly ask "Omg does it look bad?" For crying out loud, that pimple is just a passing phase. Have they ever stopped to think about the people whose acne is extremely worse compared to theirs? or Have had acne for countless and countless of years? What about their self esteem?

Anyways, I took a picture yesterday. The quality and lighting is not all that great to see the scars and other pimples around my face since it was taken out with a cellphone. But oh well, I'll try to look for my camera to get a better photo. The really red marks are from the acne or that I got while taking accutane. I can only imagine how much more red they'll get when I go out in the sun :wacko:

Today I was thinking, "Damn the downsides of being fair!!!" Your face becomes a canvas for showing your imperfections even more :naughty: Well I hope these red marks die down a bit from that lotion the Dermatologist prescribed because I've got 3 big events to go to in August. Make up is a no because I don't like it and don't own it.




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