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My accutane Journey day 13

Shana marie


Well it has been 13 days taking accutane and so far I have the same symtoms as before Dry scalp, flakey scalp, dry skin, dry lips, some flakey skin. I have a few new break outs ugh, cyst type ones with no head on it. Like 5 small ones but they are noticeable. This sucks, I really hope it goes away soon. they're on my chin and one kinda by my nose.

My skin is real sensitve I ended up buying aquaphor for my lips which works great. Occasionally i put it on my face. My scalp is so dry and flakey i have to put oil on my scalp everyday I trully dont want my hair to fall out due to dry scalp.

Ugh not too happy because I have more break outs then I usually would when not on accutane please someone tell me this will get better and when....... :wacko: