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Day 5



Well. Did the Regimen today like usual. Wasn't very dry until i had washed it at night. Before i even put the BP on, it was starting to peel a little around my mouth and left cheek. Skin feels leathery. Tight. I didn't use the lotion that came with it and i'm glad i didn't. It doesn't burn as much. Face has been red all day. Looks and feels like a sunburn. BUT. I'm seeing an improvement in my pictures that i have been taking show. I can honestly deal with the burning and the red face and a little peeling if it means i can get rid of this crap on my face. I really hope it doesn't peel like crazy though. I'm debating on getting a different cleanser. This one dried out my face like crazy. I guess i'll wait to see if it gets worse. Got a few new pimples but they're so tiny so it's nothing even bothering me. Eh. Only thing that really bothers me is the leathery feeling. Every time i smile, the creases around my mouth get deeper. Like trying to smile with a facial mask.


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