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What I've Tried.

Evelynne Smith


I guess I'll start off listing the acne medications I've tried.

1) Benzaclin. What my doctor first prescribed to me during a routine checkup. I didn't have a real problem with acne, but it kept it from getting worse.

2) Once Benzaclin stopped working, I moved onto overthecounter kits like the one from Clean and Clear. This worked for basically all of high school.

3) Then I used some super strong/drying stuff prescribed by a dermatologist. College started and I broke out like crazy. It was bad. Really bad. You'd think that something so damaging to the skin would at least damage the acne. Nope. It didn't help and my acne still got worse.

4) Aveda. It was natural and my acne came in waves instead of constant breakouts. It was nice and my face didn't get dry, but my acne got steadily worse.

5) Dan's regimen. My friend had been pestering me to try acne.org out for years and I finally listened to her. I wished I did earlier! Dan's BP cleared my acne up really quickly. Sure, it left A LOT of red marks behind, but it worked the best out of everything I tried before. I got breakouts here and there for a while, but now I barely break out :wacko:

Now that my acne is under control, my red marks, blackheads, and dry skin aren't. For my red marks, I'm using Apple Cider Vinegar. I dilute it with 50% water, rub it on with a cotton ball, and then wash it off 10 minutes later. I've considered going to a dermatologist against or getting something from CVS like bleach cream, but I've decided to do it naturally. It will be better for my skin in the long run.

My blackheads, however, need to go soon. I have way too many and sometimes they inflame and become white-head like. And they make it difficult to wash my face when they're sticking up. I'm using Clean and Clear Blackhead erasing scrub in the meantime, but it seems to be doing nothing. I'm still using BP, though, so maybe that will help a little.


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