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massive clump of cystic acne on my chin, one on either side of my chin actually. stuff sucks.

I'm not totally sure what I should put this down to, but I think it may be a side effect of going back on the pill. I'm going to stick with it and see if it calms down.

but yeah, these cysts. I just ran out of toner a few days after they appeared (handy, I know). So I'm going to make a green tea toner and see how that goes. also going to up my intake of green tea and water, you know, just 'cos.

on the plus side, my cheeks have less and less acne. not sure why this is, but one side is almost totally clear (and I LOVE IT). just those pesky scars on that side now.

still dairy free, which I think it frustrating my mother, who has been very helpful as far as cooking dairy-free dinners is concerned, but she keeps dropping hints about "how much longer" I think it will take. I think she sees this cystic outbreak as a sign it isn't working but I don't know...it feels like it's helping me.

will update again soon! (hopefully)