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Day 34-Good Cop, Bad Cop



Hey guys. I wanted to get a post in before I left for Chelan on Wednesday(sunshine here I come! :wacko: ) Maybe get some color to this pasty face of mine,haha. Hmm on day 34 of Epiduo,very pleased. However,I've had a minor breakout on my forehead. I think its due to the fact that I've been eating more sugar and not following my diet lately. My diet is to eat dairy free,not too much sugar,loads of water and plenty of fresh fruits and VEGETABLES(this ones a struggle). Cutting milk out was easy for me,I drink almond milk. I really suggest giving a no dairy diet a try,it has really helped me. Plus,I think the almond milk tastes better,hehe :naughty:.

Another thing I've been adding into my routine is doing a baking soda mask INSTEAD of milk of magnesia. M.O.M..to me...only got rid of the surface oils and really did nothing for my acne. I've used both baking soda and M.O.M and baking soda is by far better. It does sting but my skin got used to it after many uses. I only stopped using it because I ran out. I don't use it very often,maybe once a week to cut down on irritation from the Epiduo. I'm using it for a toothpaste too, which seems to be helping my teeth look whiter than with regular toothpaste :( *ding* pearly whites!

Putting my makeup on the other day,I can see how clear my skin is getting. It takes it from somewhat moderate acne to very very mild. I found a foundation that doesn't break me out AND makes me look flawless...its Physicians Formula Mineral Loose Powder,Mineral Wear. I've tried many department store foundations, but this is my Holy Grail. I do advice wearing a mattifying primer, oil control lotion or translucent powder on-top as this can get oily. I use it with my Givenchy Mister Mat primer and it stays on all day :D. What I'm most happy about is I don't have to use a lick of liquid foundation...which often looks cakey and feels heavy on.

As for my acne overall, it is getting remarkably better everyday! I get those flesh colored,persistent clogged pores/little pimples on the sides of my chin and right underneath my bottom lip. They are SO...so hard to get rid of. I can now say that almost all of those little bumps(and trust me there were a lot) are almost gone. Epiduo is working wonders for me :( It's fading my scars, got rid of my blackheads AND you wouldn't even know I used to have ice pick scars all over my forehead. If progress keeps up like this I know I'll be clear my the end of summer or even this month. I wouldn't tell you Epiduo is amazing if it really wasn't ..I tell it how it is. Bleh...this is kinda a long post. Aw well! Pictures are to come soon hopefully. Alright, ta ta for now.


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