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Day 33!? Week...I don't know, lol.



So, it's okay right now I guess. The little pimples are gone, for now. I think it was purging and not putting enough BP on these areas. Redness is....random, lol. Some days I'm not red at all, some days I'm red all day, some days it comes and goes. It really depends on what I eat, how much water I drink, the temperature, how active I am, etc. Same with the peeling. Just completely random.

Unfortunately, I have my first cysts since starting the regimen :naughty:. One right smack dab in the middle of my forehead, where I have had a little pimple for weeks now, I guess it now just decided to emerge and grow, and one on my good cheek :D. I think the one of my forehead was something I ate, and the one on my cheek was hormonal and formed after my period stopped (when my hormones were changing again...). I had been taking Aleve on my period twice a day, and the day I stopped this sucker formed...really bummed about it--(I also put jojoba on that cheek 2ish weeks ago, so it could be that, I don't really use jojoba for anything but eye make up remover now anyway). Oh, and I also have a pimple (not a cyst really, thank goodness) on the corner of my forehead, but that one is in a corner so I don't really care about it as much, haha.

I use very little make up, which is good. I still conceal red spots and some pimples though. This is better than when I caked foundation all over my face, with or without pimples. My poor pores (no pun intended) couldn't breathe.

Hm, I have known this for awhile, but just recently truly discovered how much diet affects it all. I'd say I'm pretty healthy most of the time, but I slacked off last week and viola (ate out, 3 times and I tried to be healthy, but restaurant food is usually never healthy, lol)! Two new cysts! Which is truly discouraging. The one on my forehead I don't care about as much (because it already almost has a white head, and I didn't pick it!!! YAY ME), but the one on MY ONLY GOOD CHEEK upsets me. I'm just not going to touch it, put BP on it, and take Aleve for inflammation. Oh, and EAT GOOD. I eat no dairy (but, sometimes cheese, but in limited amounts and organic if possible), no processed foods, no soda, I limit sugar, drink 90ish oz of water a day, etc. I'm also going to only have bread/gluten ONCE a day, which will be really hard for me, but I need to do it.

I need green smoothies everyday, and as much green, leafy vegetables as possible. And FRUIT! But that wont be a problem, because fruit is my favorite food ever, lol. I'm also thinking about getting a water purifier...because I watched a documentary on contaminated water in the US, and it freaked me out, haha.

What else, oh I have been taking 25 mg of Zinc a day as well. Not sure what this has done. I'm hoping it isn't the cause of my cysts...maybe it is, who knows. I only take 25 mg because I am afraid of getting sick again...lol. Has anyone had zinc break them out? I wonder...

I have also had more alcohol than usual, so that could be the cause as well. Sugary alcoholic drinks are probably not the wisest, lol (Margaritassss). I actually am not a drinker AT ALL. Only occassionally, or when I'm on vacation. So, my body probably freaked out because it's not used to it. Plus it has sugar and artificial flavoring...

Another possible cause: my fiance slept over the past three nights. I am a nazi with my sheets and pillow cases (I change and wash them every other day) but when you're sleeping with another person, their oils and such get on the pillow cases and sheets through the night, and your face picks up freakin' everything, even if you wash often. He hasn't spent the night since I started the regimen, so definitely could be a cause. Which would suck, because I am marrying him in a month. Separate beds? Lol jk!

I also went on a pretty harcore run days before this breakout...could be another cause. I didn't shower directly after, so maybe that is it?

So: My diet is great, but still needs slight improvement; watch out for the zinc and jojoba; no more alcohol for awhile; sleeping habits when sleeping with another needs to be figured out...

I think that is all. Probably won't update for awhile, but update I will!

Thanks guys, :wacko:

P.S.--does anyone use tea tree oil (organic) for existing spots? Love it, hate it?


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