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Day 4



Woke up and did the Regimen. After i washed my face with the Cleanser, it felt very dry and burned. Skin felt a little dry all day and when i put a small amount my makeup powder on my face, i noticed it looked a little dry. Nothing noticeable to other people but to me i could tell. When i did the Regimen at night though, it had BURNED. But the weird thing is that it's only red on and around my nose. I did notice my pimples haven't been so red during the day. Face at the moment feels very tight. Burns around my mouth and nose.

Is it weird that i like the feeling of it burning? Makes me feel there's strong stuff at work. heh.

I would also like to point out that i have tried Proactive a while back. Did NOTHING. I honestly think it made my skin even worse. I tried a bunch of drugstore brands and still nothing. Since i've read so many good things about The Regimen, i have to at least try it. If it doesn't work..well then at least i made the effort.