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AHA+ - Day 46



So I have my terrible ups and downs when it comes to my skin - some days are just great, some days are like I had just fallen off from a cliff and waiting for the hit on the ground. This week has been so much so, full of ups and downs.

Now, I have to say that despite all the emotional ups and downs, my skin keeps constantly improving, which is great. But the improvement is so slow and nothing major, which obviously makes me upset.

I'm already on my day 46 with Dan's AHA+ - and after I stopped taking the fish oil supplements a week or so ago, my cyst-like pimples around my mouth area have slowly started to go away. But I have to emphasize the word slowly because yeah, these pimples seem to take a whiiiiiile to go away! Plus the fact that these pimples will leave some nasty red marks is not a thing that makes me happy. But I guess they'll fade in time.

I've come to realize lately that blackheads are my main issue; after I get done with these pimples on my chin area, I'm left with the battle against my blackheads (I have them all around my T-zone as well as cheeks and chin). The AHA+ doesn't seem to really improve blackheads that much - it does keep them somewhat cleaner, but not that much oil free. Even though my face isn't as oily as it was, I still regard my face to be super oily. The combination of make-up (which I use daily because I go to work and am ashamed to show my bare skin) & oily skin seems to be giving me these tiny pimples wherever blackheads occur. Luckily, like I said, the pimples are small and there's only a few of them.

I recently started making some facial sea salt masks as well, just to see if I can combat the oily skin that way. If not, I think I could try some products from Paula's Choice. Really tempted by them.

One thing I have to say, though, is that my skin FEELS incredible. My skin hasn't had this soft and smooth feeling for years (BP left me with a very "aged" looking skin). Now I just need to get the looks department in shape as well. Wish me luck!


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