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Day 7



Sorry it has been a while. Good news is, skin is looking GREAATT :wacko: also FEELING good, no more pain, barely any itchyness..except for when I put on the moisturizer right after the BP, and skin is still dry. i did buy the jojoba oil but im not ballsy enough to try it on just yet. but its in there for when i'm ready :naughty: really happy that this is working out for me. since i started with my face in a pretty damaged state i have no idea what to expect next week. no clue if i will get a break out. major or minor, or none. but i will keep on with the regime. also going to be goin to the sea soon so hopefully the ocean water plus some safe tanning will help :D hope everyone else is doing well. im finding it harder and harder to be patient and wait for my face to dry after each step >.< but i know its key for this to work, so got to suck it up. so far havent skipped a single day, but once i did forget to do it 12 hrs after i did it in the morning. so big gap there =/ but i still did it at like 2 am! lol.

alright everyrone, best of lucks and keep it positive.

~over and out