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My Journey Throu Acne Day 1 on Blog



Hey, Im LC :wacko: im just a regular teenage girl who wants to live life to the fullest..but theres one thing that can hold me back if im not careful..acne! I cant stand it..i have tried so many medicines from *Minocycline medicine that my docter gave me the idea to try,(which works REALLLLY well for like the first 6 months then stops working!! i used to have clearer skin then i do now and right now i have acne on my face when i thought i would never get it after this pill but guess not) too *Loryna(birth control: still on it and prob will stay..um acne wise on this, my doc said it takes about 2 months and i havent been on for that long so keep you up dated P.S LADIES helps are dealio every month by making it so much lighter and less cramps :naughty: sorry guys :( hah but has advantages for you to eh boys :D ), *Biotin(healthy skin and hair)(eh no progress stoped taking), *One a Day Teen Advantage(made me sick idk why, stoped taking it), and lastly *Prenatal Vitamins(eh not really any good stuff)..my mom calls me a druggy..but recently a family friend has given us this idea to use *APPLE CIDER VINEGAR* *pills*..they are the organic ones so they dont have all the nasty process stuff that we dont want...my progress on it...well i just started today so all i have noticed is that they sure do smell bad and taste blah..but in this blog i will continue to tell the progess of it everyday and let you guys no how it goes..so keep in touch with me and talk to me, i would love to hear from people and see what others have to say:) and this is my first blog so hope you like k well biiie -LC<3


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