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The Keys to being Acne FREE



The Keys to being Acne FREE;

1. Eat healthy!

2. Fast regularly!

3. Sleep well

4. Exercise often

5. Reduce stress

1 and 2 are the most important factors to being acne free. 3, 4 and 5 are also helpful and give you that total wellness.

1. Eat healthy!

Eat the big 3; meats, fruits and veggies. Try to eat them in their most unprocessed forms; eat whole fruits and veggies as they are naturally found and go for meat that is just the meat (fish is best because of the omega 3, then chicken and turkey). Avoid the sugars, oils and other additives they put into these foods. The more untouched, the better! I know its tough to find all these foods without the extra stuff, just try your best you don’t have to be perfect.

Avoid other foods such as dairy, grains (including bread and cereal), legumes (beans), nuts and sweets. Drinks other than water should also be avoided; eliminate sodas and juice, even healthy juices like orange juice. Just drink water! (I drink about 5 to 6 bottles-worth of water each day). As a note, I do drink black coffee (without anything added, just black!) and it doesnt seem to affect my skin.

Remember; meats, fruits and veggies. Along with water they are the best things for you and along with fasting, they will allow you to have clear skin.

As another note; I take a multivitamin and omega 3 (about 1000mg) 3 to 4 times a week. Id take them everyday but I usually forget. Anyhow, I know that a lot of people take all these supplements to improve their skin; I dont think you need to. Eat the big 3 and fast…and youll be fine. I honestly just take the daily V and fish oil because of the focus they give me.

2. Fast regularly!

This is so important! My face didnt clear up until I started fasting. At first, I changed my diet and started eating only the big 3 but I still had breakouts. I had no idea why until I stumbled upon a website about fasting. Fasting works because it allows your body to heal by giving it time to remove the junk that has accumulated. I used to eat and eat without waiting for my body to actually be hungry; I ate to feel full. However, when we constantly eat and dont wait for our bodies to be genuinely hungry, we cause backups in our system and this causes acne (along with a lot of other ailments).

So give your body time to clean shop and start fasting. Coupled with a healthy diet of meats, fruits and veggies, fasting WILL clear up your skin. I fast every 2 weeks or so; sometimes more, sometimes less. Depends on how much I feel is necessary; sometimes Ill see a pimple because I ate too many foods during the week besides the big 3 and Ill just go a fast right then. To me, acne is my bodys way of telling me that something internal is fudged up. So if I see pimples, I just go back to healthy eating and fasting

After fasting and eating the big 3 my face always starts to clear up after a day or so, and within a week (usually 3 to 4 days) my skin is clear again with no pimples. The reason Im telling you about my cheating the healthy diet is this; you will cheat too. However, after you cheat, continue to eat the big 3 and fast for a couple days; your body will get rid of the junk food and you may not break out at all.

Please do your own research about fasting. I tried to include a couple links but these blog entry boxes have weird configurations that screw up text. Please do not neglect to fast! You do not have to go crazy with it; my fasts last 3 days and I eat during them. I just do 1 or 2 small meals each day, and then I’m back to the normal three meals when I’m done. You will get very hungry so be prepared. Just remember that it’s temporary and your body is doing what it needs to so you have clear skin. Also, you may have headaches…drink water and eat light. Fruit works well because of the sugars they have.

Good luck!

3. Sleep well

Aim for 7 to 8 hr average. Let your body rest and repair; learn to sleep well if you dont. there are a lot of little things that go in to being ready for sleep at night, such as not eating or exercising too late, having bed time rituals, etc.

4. Exercise often

Exercise is important! It makes a stronger body that is more capable of repairing itself; exercise allows you to sleep better too. Dont kill yourself; do light cardio and some weight training. Just get your body moving.

5. Reduce stress

If you work on the first 4 steps your stress is going to be reduced. To reduce stress more, try to avoid looking in the mirror too much. I know how that negative cycle keeps being fueled by first looking in the mirror, then picking at your face and feeling bad about it, then looking at the mirror in despair again, only to pick at your face even more. I know. Focus on eating the big 3, drink water, exercise, and get sleep. Step away from the mirror and focus on the changes.

Reduce stress in other ways that dont directly deal with acne, too. Improve your spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial lives and discover your purpose for being here. I know that sounds a bit fantastic, but the better all of the aspects of your life are the easier it is to beat acne. Have a solid reason for being committed to beating acne; think about how much you can do for yourself and others when you can finally put it behind you. And remember that you will beat acne. Focus on these two things most importantly; eat healthy, fast!


Btw, dont scrub your face! Stop using the bogus creams! And dont touch your face with your hands; think of all the things you touch. you are just putting all that bacteria onto your face and making your pimples worse. At night, wash your face with water (yes, just water) and use a towel. Use luke warm water or cold water...hot water will damage your skin. I know Dan says to use different products to clear your skin, but you are doing so much harm to it by washing it so much. Those face products are hard on your face and the results are only temporary. Be gentle with your face. Do the 4 steps and you wont have to worry about taking 10 to 20 min a night to get your face ready for bed. If you must pop any pimples, use tweezers or another tool and disinfect whatever you use. Again, keep your hands away. Also, change your pillow case every other day because of bacteria buildup.

This is something I forgot to add the first time I posted this blog; yogurt works really on acne. I used to do it but I dont need to anymore (heathy eating and fasting!). Buy plain yogurt and apply it to your skin. Let it dry to your skin (I used to leave it on for a couple hours), and then wash off with luke warm or cold water and use a towel.

Focus on these two things most importantly; eat healthy, fast!

I will post a personal blog later about my time with acne. I had it bad for 4 to 5 yrs and have dealt with it for 8 (and I will still breakout if I dont keep up with everything that Ive written on this blog; I do this stuff all the time and I am in control of acne). I remember thinking I wouldnt ever overcome it and feeling so depressed; I understand how everyone who has it feels and thats why I joined this site. Im going to pass on what I know to beat it and improve the lives of others. If anyone has any questions let me know, Im here for you.



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