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Day 47-55.. I survived Havasupai... I'm BACK!!!



So the trip to the Havasupai Reservation was intense!!!!! I thought I was not going to make it 10+ miles to the camping site.... hiking... under the sun and heat and with a heavy load on my back. Took me and my boyfriend about 9 hrs.. oh yea blisters were involved... not cool! THe place is beautiful.. worth the hike... we saw two different HUGE waterfalls, Mooney Falls and Havasu Falls... a challenge to get to Mooney falls of course down some rocks.. totally UNSAFE! but BEAUTIFUL! ... then the hike back. This time at 130am when it was pitch black outside. Scary, this time it took us about 6hrs. all up the HILL! HORRIBLE exhausting... but an awesome sense of accomplishment when I got to the top.. I wanted to cry! Glad to be alive, glad to have experience it.... I will for sure go back there but NOT hiking, I'll pay my money and fly into the reservation LOL

Back to business... Accutane and acne.

I broke out like crazy on my trip, I;m think all that dust and the water was not clean enough. I covered myself pretty well, so no sunburn, I tanned a little but nothing you would notice, when I was uncovered ,I could feel the sun in my skin, I was uncovered for a bit but nothing happen, my legs where uncovered most of the days, I had a good hat and long-sleeve white blouse (those with UV rays protection) that helped a lot. I went through a whole bottle of sunblock.... not bad for such a hard weather.

My zits from the trip are in the process of healing. I just got a new one of my chest that HURTS! I had my blood drawn yesterday and I'll have my doctor's appointment on wednesday. I am back in San francsico for work but I'm going back home in LA for 10 days in a week. So I'll be exposed to the sun but the key is SUNBLOCK...

nothing else to report, no other weird side effects... nothing!

I'm just waiting for this zits to go away . :wacko:

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I'm glad you had an awesome time! the white long sleeve shirt was an awesome idea! I always hike in long sleeves.....And no worries I remember on my days of 47-55 I was TOTALLY broken out. It will stop I promise and your skin will clear completly...and brake outs will only be a memory....Good luck!!

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