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before accutane treatment



Hi everyone, i thought id share some things about myself and about my acne condition before i started my roaccutane treatment. First, i am a male 21 years old and i have suffered with acne since i was 14 and have been on and off minomycin up until just before my 21st birthday and it generally worked really well but about a month after every course the acne would start to come back again but was still never really that bad now that i think about it. when i look at the pictures from my birthday my skin was actually really good and i thought i had FINALLY grown out of it once and for all. but then i started getting a couple of odd cysts here and there on my face in dfferent places and on my back so i went back to my GP and he told referred me to a dermatologist as he felt my skin was just not responding to anything he could prescibe me. at this stage i had decided to hide indoors until i had been to the dermatologist and started to get my acne under control as i was too emabarresed to even see my friends, none of which had any pimples at all which made me feel like a real loser. when i went to see the dermatologist he sent me for a blood test and prescibed me roaccutane 20 mg a day for two weeks and then alternate 20 mg and 40 mg a day from then on.