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Birth Control



I also have an appointment scheduled at my docs on 19th July as I want to go on birth control.

The reason for this is that I had to stop taking the pill for other medical reasons at the end of last year and now have the ok to go back on it, however I figure I may as well enquire into one that will also help with my acne, kill two birds with one stone sort of thing.

I have no idea which ones are supposed to help with acne too though?


Hey :clap: I've recently been put on Dianette birth control for acne. It's the most successful one that's normally prescribed, but it does come with its side effects and apparently it's not meant for prolonged usage. Although I think it depends on your doctor. I've heard some people have taken it without problems for 10 years, and others have been told to have a break from it after a year to give their liver a rest. It's generally only prescribed for persistant or severe acne though. I haven't had any side effects yet but I'm only just coming to the end of my first packet. I've just started keeping a blog so if you're interested you can see if it helps me. Another alternative that is supposed to have less side effects and can be prescribed for long term use is Yasmin. For me, I DEVELOPED acne whilst taking this pill but for other girls it does wonders. I've also read about Ortho tri-cyclen, Celeste and Marvelon but I don't know much about these. Hope I've been of some help, good luck :)

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Thanks for your input :clap: I've heard some not great stuff about Yasmin actually so I probably would ask not to go on that but shall see what my doc suggests. I hope Dianette works for you!

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