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Day 63



So been quite a while since I posted here, have been busy with life and enjoying having clear skin that doesn't cause me to obsess in the mirror day in day out - it's very liberating! Have had no issues skin wise really apart from a pimple here and a pimple there, generally tied to hormonal fluctuations. Finding it increasingly easy to avoid gluten and I am thinking as well that perhaps I am becoming less sensitive to possible exposure, as I have had a few glasses of wine recently with no ill effect (perhaps I just lucked out and managed to find a gluten free brand however) and also I have eaten out in a restaurant and had a sauce that may very easily had some form of gluten in (although again I can't be sure) as well as eating walkers cheese and onion crips that states that they have been made in a factory that handles gluten. While there may have been no gluten in any of these sources, I am hoping that maybe my reaction to it is becoming less severe. I am not going to knowingly ingest some gluten to find out however, it just makes me less paranoid about everthing I eat that I am not 100% sure about, which is great.

So that's everything really, health is great - no headaches in the longest time which is a real bonus. Asthma settled, ya-de-ya-da.... I'll report something if I have anything to report, but on the whole, this blog is getting kind of repetitive as it is clear that gluten was an issue for me and removing it in all it's forms has been what I needed to do to get my health back on track. Just wish I had realised this years ago and my 20's and 30's would not have been such a battle with my skin and confidence - ah well, you live and you learn I guess!

Peace out guys, and thanks for reading my blog, if anything new crops up I'll report it, but for now adios!


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